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Welcome to PNG Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) & Oil - and the Landowners

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a country in the South Pacific described informally by many as "the land of gold and minerals which floats on the seas of oil and gas". It has a huge deposit of oil and gas.

For general definition and other details about LNG see Wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquefied_natural_gas

In PNG oil alone have been extracted by many developers like Oil Search Ltd, Chevron Niugini,InterOil and many others over the years until, ExxonMobil decided to extract liquified natural gas (LNG) recently. In 2009 most of the agreements between the state, landowers and the developer, PNGLNG (subsidiary of ExxonMobile) were signed necessary to kick-start the LNG project.

Amongst those agreements signed, the notable one in the context of the landowners and the resource owners was on the 24th May 2009. On that day, Umbrella Benefit Sharing Agreements (UBSA) was singed in Kokopo. The landowers were from several project areas in the Southern Highlands Province, pipeline landowers from Gulf and Central provinces, and landowers from the proposed plant facility in Central province.

Following that, several project areas based agreements known as Licnsed Based Benefit Sharing Agreements (UBBSA) were also singed.

There is an ongoing concern now that the state is continuously delaying to honour most of its commitments due to the landowners or natural resource owners. Most of those issues include, payment of outstanding MOU funds, payment of seed capital for small business start-up, royalities and grants. There are also disagreements between the landowners themselves in relating to ownership issues and distribution of wealth.

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Extracts of Landowners' Entities
Entity Name IPA # Industry Type of Entity See Details Here
Sample Entity 17203 Agriculture Clan Company SeeMoreInforHere
KPJ Ltd 1-66764 LNG/Oil Umbrella Company SeeMoreInforHere
Pii Tikima Ltd (PTL) 1-73982 LNG/Oil Umbrella Company SeeMoreInforHere
Hiluwa Kami Construction Ltd   LNG/Oil Clan Company SeeMoreInforHere
Kora Limited 1-67157 LNG/Oil Clan Company SeeMoreInforHere
Tagobali Jugu Women Investment Ltd 1-74195 Oil Clan Company SeeMoreInforHere
Tagobali W.G Limited 1-73072 Oil Clan Company SeeMoreInforHere
Preventor Escort Services Ltd 1-65422 Security Clan Company SeeMoreInforHere
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